5 Great “Missouri” Rifle Optics Under $400

Not all optics are created equal and not all needs have the same optics.

If you are Whitetail deer hunting in Missouri you probably do not want or need a Lunar Telescope, but you want something to help those aging eyes. So what should you buy? Should you get another 3-9×40 just like your last 5, because that is what you always had and why change? Because that is what you dad, grandpa, and great grandpa used on their Remington 30-06? The 3-9×40 is a common and perfect setup, no doubt, and I mean no disrespect. But you may find that a fixed 4x32mm fits your needs just fine and is simpler & cheaper. If you are like me you may prefer the 4-12x40mm. So if you are unsure or just thinking about changing things up a bit and looking for ideas, here are a few to think about.

1 Sig Sauer Whiskey3
The Whiskey3 line is a budget friendly optic covering 2-7×32, 3-9×40, 3-9×50, 4-12×40, and 4-12×50. They are a standard 1″ tube and offer multiple reticles. And in the $129-200 range they are hard to beat the clarity and light.

2 Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10×40
Leupold is known for there relentless goal of being the best in the optics industry and they keep staying innovative while trying to compete in the sub $500 arena as well. This is a well known rifle scope for its clarity and durability. Coming in around $400, it is quite impressive in its class.

3 Riton X3 Primal 3-15×44
Gaining a lot of attention recently, Riton has really been gaining ground. They have rolled out several new lines of scopes in the last few years and helping fill the void of Nikon dropping out of the firearms market. They make a quality product for a budgetable price and in terms of clarity and light gathering, they are top notch in their category. Tested to 1200g’s to handle magnum calibers. To help gather even more light they do use a 30mm tube instead of the popular 1″. Keep that in mind when purchasing rings. $355

4 Burris Fullfield E1 6.5-24×50
One of my favorites, Burris is also known for their quality and often associated with higher end-pricey optics. Again keeping in mind we’re not looking for a 1000 yard F-Class Competition scope, this scope is a little above and beyond what you would consider adequate for Missouri Whitetail hunting. But coming in at $290 I would highly consider it if you’re looking for somthing different all your dad’s bolt action 30-06.

5 Bushnell Banner 6-18×50
The famous Banner is still around and as good option as any other time. They are tried and true but in a slightly bigger configuration than normal. While still a very budgetable optic at $130, the Banner series is a popular line because of its quality. If your looking for “just a little more”, then maybe this is for you.

A few things to look for and keep in mind.

1- Eye relief- The optimal distance from scope to eye.

2- Shock rating- The Manufacturer rating the scope can handle from firearm recoil.
3- Warranty- Sometimes comparing warranties can be a deciding factor. Keep in mind taking overall cost into consideration.