Come by, call or email for questions, free quotes, or ideas!

Shop Rate is $50/hr     $65/machine hour     $35 shop minimum.


Strip and Cleaning $35-75
Priced at a discounted rate, this is the standard breakdown, cleaning and lubricating of many rifles, pistols and shotguns. Sometimes rates are reflected by the severity of build-up, dirt/debris, damage, or in some cases complex firearm designs that require extra attention and time to completely disassemble and thoroughly clean. 

Barrel Cut and Crown $75
To cut down a barrel and recrown. Could be due to a damaged crown or wanted a shorter barrel.

Drill and Tap $40 (+$15)
Drill and tap for sights and bases. Generally this runs $40 for first 2 holes and $15 per hole after that. This is due to the time required to properly setup and align the firearm to drill and tap in the beginning. Once setup it is easier to add more holes for larger/different styles of sights, bases and mounts to your receiver or barrel. Does not include mounts, bases, rings, or screws.

FFL Transfers $20
Transferring a firearm from somewhere else, or selling to an individual and you want a background check ran. (add $5 for multiple handguns)

While do not currently offer Hot Caustic Bluing due to lack of demand and cost, we do offer different variant of bluing and refinishing. Contact for more details.

DuraCoat and GunCoat Finishing
There are many ways to change the finish of your firearm or other items. Some alternatives are bake on finishes. Contact for details.

General Fabrication and Machining
We are open to outside the box fabrications. Feel free to talk to us about your idea and talk about price. Hourly rates apply at $50/hr $65/machine hr.

 Cutting Dovetail Grooves $75
Cutting standard dovetail grooves for sights in barrels.

Installing Dovetail Sights $35
Removal, fitting, and installation or most Dovetail sights.

Install 1911 Front Sight (Stake On) $50
Unlike Novak or Dovetail, stake on sights require more time to correctly install. This is front only not rear.



Lengthen Forcing Cone $50
Common among Card/Turkey Shooters, this is smoothing and lengthening the forcing cone of the front of the chamber meeting the beginning of the barrel to gain a better pattern.

Threading For a Choke $75
For if you are wanting to shorten a barrel, repair a damaged muzzle, add a choke to an unchoked barrel or a fixed choke barrel. We cut, ream, and thread the barrel to add a choke. We most commonly use the TRU-Choke system due to its safety in thin walled barrels and growing popularity. There are others available upon request such as Win-Choke.

Straightening Bent Rib $50
Typically if it hasn’t been damaged too far it can be pulled back out to look as good as it did before.

Removing a Dent In the Barrel $50-100
There are many variables but typically if it repairable it can be done in this window.

Removing Dimples/Crimps From Magazine Tubes $50-100
Using a field gun for competition use or just to have fun? It sure would be nice to ditch those pesky things and add more rounds!


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